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Water treatment

The first thing you will need to do when you have decided that you no longer want to continue to consume poor quality water is to choose which water treatment method you prefer. There are more methods how you can treat water and everyone might prefer different type of treatment as the water quality differs place from place. Sometimes your tap water might be hard, contain nitrates or nitrites, will have different conductivity, etc . Also people trust different methods of water treatment based on historical experience. If you want clean water full of antioxidants where you can choose the pH level the suitable water treatment for you will probably be ionization. If you are looking for absolutely pure water without any particles with a pH around 7 you might be prefering distillation. If you are looking for a finest way of water treatment, reverse osmosis might be your choice. If your goal is just to get rid of nitrates, you will probably use filters.

Filtration devices have the ability to remove unwanted substances from water. There are different types of filters where some will be able to remove certain substances from the water. You can remove chlorine, nitrates, detergents, trace chemicals, iron, copper, hardness, etc . Filters will catch and store unwanted substances inside. After some time the filter is beeing in use it will completely block and the flow will be very slow or the water will stop to flow completely. Once this happens it means that the filter should be changed. Filter life will always depend on the quality of the incoming water and substances that are in it. Using filters you will obtain healthier, cleaner and better tasting water.

Water ionizers are devices which have a special ability to modify the pH and ORP values of your tap water. The system which is used to achieve this is called water electrolysis. You will get two water types and that is acidic or alkaline water. Alkaline water has a negative ORP number and its pH is above neutral (7+). Because of that the water acts as an antioxidant. Today's diet is mainly acidic and this is one of the reasons why we are more likely to get sick. Oxidants contained in many foods are acid and unfortunately may cause many health complications. When oxidants enter your body they will try to attack DNA and this causes free radicals. Free radicals are mostly harmful particles having a negative impact on the proper functioning of our body. Formation of free radicals is also beeing promoted by anger, fear and stress, as well as pollutants in the air and excessive exertion. This phenomenon supports and accelerates the aging process and degenerative diseases. Alkaline water has a totally opposite effect. Due to ionization of the alkaline water molecule one oxygen atom and one hydrogen atom. Alkaline water acts as an antioxidant in the body and deliver benefits for the body in the form of increased resistance to stress and prevent health complications. Water ionizers also use filters so you can produce filtered water if you want to. The last option is the production of acidic water. It has the opposite properties and effects than alkaline water. You can apply it to the skin as it has a very positive impact on various kinds of skin problems. The acid water is also known to be good disinfectant without the use of any chemicals.



distillationWater Distillation involves heating the water to boiling point and condensing the steam. Pollutants with a boiling point near that of water are hard to remove, but generally the distilled water is of a very high quality. After switching on the distillation kettle is heated and treated water will evaporate and escape from it. At first light volatile gases which have a lower boiling point than water are separated. The water is then heated to the boiling point. At 100°C bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms are beeing killed. Boiling water is then evaporated, leaving all chemicals, salts and other impurities in the boiling pot. The steam is then beeing cooled down and turns into distilled water. This treated water then passes through the last cleaning through carbon filter. Activated Carbon Filter is an established technology that works through absorption of the problematic compounds, primarily to remove taste and odour but systems will also remove some harmful contaminents.

Reverse osmosis is the finest method of water filtration. This process allows the water to remove the small particles such as ions, since it operates on the principle of osmotic membrane where the pores are very small (only 0.0001 micron). The osmotic membrane will therefore only allow the water molecules to pass through while bigger impurity molecules will not be able to go through the small holes in the osmotic membrane. The membrane is self-cleaning and is thus protected from clogging. So just the clean (purified) water is able to pass through the membrane and the remaining water (waste water) washes the surface of the membrane and removes pollutants directly into the trash. The process of reverse osmosis requires a certain pressure to push water molecules through an osmotic membrane.


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Drink it clear

Drink it clear company is dealing with water treatment for domestic purposes. We have started to import distillers in 1992. Our goal is to explore this area for you the best we can. We are seeking new technologies and ways to make the water even cleaner and healthier. We believe we are able to offer you the leading brands available on the market. The choice is yours no matter what are your preferences on a device or a method of treatment. We try to improve the situation of water treatment as a whole. We will be happy to help with your choice.

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