KYK Genesis Platinum

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KYK USA water ionizers is a South Korea based company that is the most popular water ionizer in Korea. The creator, Dr. Kim Young Kwi (KYK), is an accomplished researcher who has been studying water and its effects on the human body for over twenty-five years. He wanted to create the most perfect water for human consumption and so the dream of the KYK company was created.

KYK certainly didn’t cut any corners when it comes to the number of plates, the quality of their dual filtering technology, the green-friendly power supply, and more. And not only that, if you compare the Genesis with some of the brands which will completely rip you off, it is much cheaper. The KYK Genesis water ionizer is clearly among the best in performance and economy, and that is why it’s one of the few ionizers that receives our full endorsement.

Technical data

  • Dimensions: 340 x 340 x 150 mm
  • Weight: 3,9 kg
  • 9 water levels
  • pH range: 3,8 - 10
  • Inlet water temperature 5 - 40°C
  • Voltage 230 V/50 Hz
  • 7 Platinum electrodes
  • Warranty: 2 years
ionizátor vody Kyk Genesis Platinum

Like all our other alkaline water ionizers, the KYK Genesis Platinum has the ability to turn ordinary tap water into water with the ability to effectively counter the three most probable causes of sickness, chronic disease and premature aging; (1) high acidity levels in the body, technically called acidosis, (2) damaging run away free radical activity and (3) body dehydration.

Manufacturer review

KYK water ionizers have won several science and technology awards for their creative nature and because they are built upon years of alkaline water research. The Kyk Genesis Platinum is sleek, thin, modern looking, and fits comfortably on any counter space.

KYK water ionizers are competitively priced within the market and have some of the best parts money can buy! KYK's LCD screen is easy to read and tells exactly what the system is doing to your water and the speed at which it is creating alkaline water. KYK does not have a range of products, just a couple of models that are well-built and perfected. KYK water ionizers are innovative, simple to install, and use!

There are two large hybrid filters that remove chlorine, bacteria and other unwanted particles from water. Thanks to touch sensors the device is completely safe to operate as moisture can´t penetrate into the main part of the device. The used technology in this machine does not produce heat, noise, has very low power consumption and system lifetime is expected to last 30 years!

Ionizer KYK Genesis Platinum produces ionized water in 9 levels. You can select from 4 alkaline water levels (pH 8.5 to 10), one neutral water level (pH 7) and 4 acidic water levels (pH from 3.8 to 5.5). The device has a ORP value (= Redox potential) monitoring system , which allows you to choose the level of antioxidants in the water. Health benefical values ​​of ORP are in the range from approximately -50 to-400MV.

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