Alkamedi AMS 4100

Our opinion

Ionizer Alkamedi AMS 4100 is very user-friendly device. Simple installation and easy operation is what most users will appreciate. It can be connected to a tap or directly to the water lines. All the necessary accessories to connect your device is included in the package.

5 plates and 4 membranes ensures the highest quality water output. Together with patented cleaning system and automatic drainage after each use the device is protected against any limescale. What also should be noted are filters: sevenstage, antibacterial with a lifespan of around 3600 liters of water.

Technical parameters

  • Dimensions: 345 x 240 x 150 mm
  • Weight: 5,1 kg
  • Allowed price 0,7 - 5 bar
  • Inlet water temperature 5 - 30 ° C
  • Voltage: 220 V/60 Hz
  • 4 levels of alkaline water
  • Filtered water
  • 2 levels of acidic water
  • Platinum and titanium electrodes
ionizátor vody Alkamedi AMS 4100

High quality, great design, easy operation, excellent water output... all these features makes from Alkamedi AMS 4100 a great machine.

Manufacturer review

Alkamedi AMS 4100 Ionizer is very elegant ionizer. This device produces alkaline, filtered and acidic water. Alkamedi use original technology and patented cleaning system, by changing the polarity of the electrodes, which makes sure the system works without any problems.

The water starts to flow with a simple button touch. As the buttons have a backlight you will be able to use the machine even at night. Large and clear display shows all information concerning the operation of the device such as filter life, the pH level, water temperature, water flow, the volume of a fault notification. In addition, each water type has its own pH color backlight, which ensures easy identification of the selected pH. Thanks to Alkamedi AMS 4100 you can produce seven different pH value waters ​​ranging from 3.8 to beyond 10.

Operation of this device is really simple as well as the installation and filter replacement.

This product is available for Czech and Slovak republic only. We don´t ship it to foreign countries.

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