Oasa FDN2

Glass water filter Oasa FAM1 is easy solution for those who want to drink better quality water anywhere. Oasa filters are able to remove wide range of contaminants from your tapwater.

Oasa with FDN 2 cartridge removes same pollutants as FAM 1 with even more efficiency. Obsah dusičnanů je zároveň s vysokou účinností snižován na 1-4 mg/l v upravené vodě po dobu 3/4 životnosti vložky. Pak zvolna stoupá, ale nikdy nepřekročí vstupní hodnotu.

Technical data

filtrační konvice Oasa FDN2

This filter is "tailor made" for the quality of European drinking water. Extra large capacity filter absorption is one of the reasons for its extremely high efficiency. You will get the best quality drinking water and you will get it much cheaper compared to bottled water

Oasa FDN2 filter is suitable for cottages, offices, etc.

The water filter removes: oil, detergents, traces of chemicals used in agriculture (herbicides, insecticides, fungicides), organic chlorine compounds (biphenyls, chloroform and other THMs, chlorobenzene, chloreten ...), aromatic hydrocarbons (phenols and their derivatives, benzene, benzo (a) pyrene, fluoranthene, toluene, xylene, cresol ...), remnants of natural organic matter outdated water treatment plant (iron, aluminum, copper, cadmium, beryllium, lead and other heavy metals, radon and many other pollutants with known or anticipated toxic, carcinogenic, mutagenic, teratogenic or combined effects.

Removes also dangerous nitrates

Recommended for use for pipeline water containing larger amount of nitrates and safe well water that contain no bacteria and again larger amount of nitrates (ie 50 mg / l NO3- or more).

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Drink it clear

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