Dewberry SlimLine Rosy

The Dewberry cartridge with unmatched purification quality and extended service life is simple to install and is held secure by the unique screw fitting. Cartridge lifetime is monitored by advanced microprocessor-based Cartridge Lifetime Monitor (CLM™) which calculates actual amount of water filtered, so cartridge is never over-used or wasted. Filtrtion cartrige in Dewberry will filter up to 300 litres of water.

The CLM™ calculates the actual amount of the water filtered, so the cartridge is never over-used or wasted. An occasional opening of the flip-top lid will not affect the service life calculation as this is controlled by the CLM™ software. The CLM™ has been carefully developed to monitor the life of the cartridge in conjunction with the amount of water filtered so please always exchange the cartridge when indicated by the CLM™.

Technical data

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Dewberry Dewberry SlimLine Rosy is a great product with a great slim design for a great price. Advanced technology will show you when it is necessary to replace the cartridge. Using Dewberry is so easy and simple so you will use it every day.

Dewberry brings new technologies and elegant slim design to your kitchen. Long life screw-fit Dewberry cartridge will clean water from:

chlorine and chlorine-based contaminants, pesticides, organic impurities, reduces limescale, removes harmful metals such as lead, copper or aluminum, ensures better taste and removes odors. Silver impregnation prevents bacterial growth.

  • Filling aperture with flip top lid is user friendly and convenient
  • Spout lid prevents upurified water from entering inside
  • Unique, long life screw-fit Dewberry cartridge
  • Non-slip base for comfort and stability
  • Extra large capacity: 2.0 litres of purified water, 3.5 litres total jug capacity
  • All parts (excluding lid) are dishwasher safe
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