Merlin 720 GPD

Our rating

This revolutionary redesigned reverse osmosis have a great capacity of approx. 2 800 litres clean water a day.

Installation is very easy and the use is nonproblematic for a long time. The water flow is continual so ther is no need for any water tank. Because of no tank there is less space for microorganisms to grow if the device is no in use for longer time.

Another big advantage is high quality output water and long lasting, high quality workmanship of the product. Polypropylenová konstrukce poskytuje několik let spolehlivou službu. Kompaktní a propracovaný design je zárukou toho, že se reverzní osmóza Merlin 720 GPD snadno se vejde pod dřez a na místa potřebné pro instalaci.

Technical data

  • filter dimenstions: 433 x 517 x 246 mm
  • max/min pressure: 5,52 / 2,76 bar
  • max/min water temperature: 37,8 / 4,4 °C
  • max/min water flow: 7,6 / 3,7 l/min
Merlin reverzní osmóza

No pump and no electricity, compact design and easy under-sink installation. This osmotic filter reduces up to 98% water impurities.

Manufacturer rating

Reverse osmosis Merlin 720 GPD is revolutionary because you don´t need water tank anymore with this device. Compared with other devices Merlin 720 GPD is more compact and will not take so much space. Merlin 720 GPD uses a continuous filtration of the water tank is therefore no longer necessary. Another advantage is the fact that the operation of this water filter doesn´t need electricity. The only thing that is needed is water pressure in the pipeline. Merlin 720 GPD is suitable for for both domestic as well as commercial sector such as restaurants, catering, engineering.

  • 1st Step: high capacity carbon prefilter stops chlorine, chemical compounds and mechanical impurities.
  • 2nd Step: dual reverse osmosis removes microorganisms, pesticides, advanced chemical substances, improved taste and color.
  • 3rd Step: postcarbon filter (lineal) AIMRO type, final cleaning will enchance water taste and color.

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