Marlus 650

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Filtration system using reverse osmosis that removes many impurities from your tap water. It will also reduce the water hardness.

Filters need to be changed regarding on the input water quality. Its recommended to change the filters every 6 - 9 months, reverse osmosis membrane should be replaced every 3 - 4 years. The filtering device contains TFC filters, 50 GPD.

Marlus 650 is ideal for panel houses and classical brick houses.

Technical data

  • Tank capacity 14 litres (12 litres can be used)
  • Capacity 3-5 litres / 1 hour
  • Filter lifetime: all filters: 6 - 9 months, osmotic membrane: 3/4 years - countryside/city
  • Dimenstions: 150 x 400 x 440 mm
  • Tank dimensions: 280 x 208 x 400 mm
  • Weight: 11 kg
  • Warranty: 24 months
marlus 650

Reverse osmosis Marlus 650 is build to filter tapwater. This device is without UV lamp which is recommended to be added if you plan to treat water from wells where many microorganisms and bacteria can be present.

Manufacturer rating

Marlus reverse osmosis filtering devices are suitable for households, restaurants, cafeterias, hospitals and other places. Filtered water is also tretaed with mineral cartridge which adds to the water minerlas that are vital for our bodies.

Normal tap water can contain many chemical substances like (chlorine, lead, arsenic, mercury, various organic substances,...), which tend to get stored in your body and can cause many health problems. This method provides filtered water that contains less than 30 mg/l soluble substances - only the most necessary that our body needs. Water from reverse osmosis is close to distilled water.

Reverse osmosis removes

  • Mechanical impurities
  • Nitrates, nitrites
  • Heavy metals (cadmium, lead, mercury, berilium, arsenic,...)
  • Organic compounds (phenols, chlorinated hydrocarbons, chlorine ...)
  • Microbiological contamination

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