Ionizace vody Water Ionizers

Ionization changes the pH and ORP values of the tap water usind electric power. Most ionizers use filters to reduce the impurities in water. You will find more water ionizers in new eshop


  destilace vody Water distillation

Distillation is a process of evaporation of water and follow-up liquefaction and subsequent filtration through a carbon filter. You will find more water distillers in new eshop


  Reverzní osmóza Reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis is a process where water is beeing pushed through osmotic membrane. You will find more products in new eshop


  filtrační konvice Dewberry Classic Water filtration

Filtration of water is separating water molecules from impurities present in water using filters. You will find more filters in new eshop


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Drink it clear

Drink it clear company is dealing with water treatment for domestic purposes. We have started to import distillers in 1992. Our goal is to explore this area for you the best we can. We are seeking new technologies and ways to make the water even cleaner and healthier. We believe we are able to offer you the leading brands available on the market. The choice is yours no matter what are your preferences on a device or a method of treatment. We try to improve the situation of water treatment as a whole. We will be happy to help with your choice.

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