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Basic water info

The life on Earth counts more than four million species of plants and animals and all of these are dependent on water. The human body is no exception. Most of our body consists of water. The body contains approximately the same amount of water as the Earth's surface, approximately 70%. Water is absolutely indispensable for life.

Most of us can´t even imagine how big role water plays in almost all organs and the effect it has on their function. Water is used as a solvent of nutrients and waste products of fission, allowing their absorption and transport into other transformations in the body, elimination of unwanted substances from the body, especially in sweat and urine. The lack of water will cause more damage to the body than starvation. Drinking water is not just food and not just drink. Drinking water is a basic life necessity.

The main part of the global water supply are oceans and seas (97.5%), only a small part consists of fresh drinking water (2.5%). Of this amount, however, most of the water is tied up in glaciers (68.7%). So the drinking water that is available for people, animals and plants counts only 0.75% of all global water supplies. The main source of water for humans is a subsurface water. Existing problem is that there is an immense pollution of water sources and therefore negligible percentage of drinking water is inadequate.


Although water is adjusted to meet health specified values it doesnt mean the water you drink is clean and healthy. The composition of the impurities found in water can vary according to the region or place where you live. These are the most common substances found in tap water that are potentially dangerous:

  • Chlorine and chlorine-organic combinations.

These are always present in tap water. Chorine is added to water to kill pathogenic bacteria to make the water microbiologically safe. However, chlorine itself is a poison; it has an unpleasant smell and is a very active substance which combines with organic impurities.

  • Chlorine-based combinations can be quite toxic even in very small quantities.
  • Toxic metals like lead, arsenic, aluminium and others can sometimes be present in tap water.
  • Nitrates and nitrites
  • Organic substances

Recommended values ​​defines the optimal value of the indicators in terms of biological danger. But also if these values are exceeded the water can be redistributed to the customer. Sometimes it happens that the water quality is not good enough and can´t be delivered to all households in the best quality. In this case can competent authority permit a limited exception to the use of water for human consumption.

What is also know from past is that sometimes when water is not completely "ideal" value it was allowed to flow through your tap and you drink it and cook it without even knowing it. The solution for this situation may be one of a number of devices and filters that we or others offer and from which you can choose so you will be able to consume pure and healthy water every day.

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Drink it clear

Drink it clear company is dealing with water treatment for domestic purposes. We have started to import distillers in 1992. Our goal is to explore this area for you the best we can. We are seeking new technologies and ways to make the water even cleaner and healthier. We believe we are able to offer you the leading brands available on the market. The choice is yours no matter what are your preferences on a device or a method of treatment. We try to improve the situation of water treatment as a whole. We will be happy to help with your choice.

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